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Other Dimension Films Ltd has just finished its second full length feature film “Sniper Corpse” after the success of its debut feature “Silverhide” which was picked up for DVD distribution in the UK and Australia by 101 Films Ltd.

Sniper Corpse is an action/horror film about dead soldiers being re-animated and used for deadly missions and a young woman who is searching for her dead soldier husband. It will be playing at festivals worldwide throughout 2018.

Sniper Corpse Poster FINAL 01 RGB sm                   Sniper Corpse Poster FINAL 02 RGB sm


Sniper Corpse Teaser Trailer


Silverhide (2015)

Silverhide (AKA Pounce) was produced in 2013 and released on DVD in the UK and Australia in 2015. Other Dimension Films Ltd produced and designed all of the visual FX.


Silverhide (2015) Trailer


Silverhide was featured in the 2014 July issue of Digital Filmmaker Magazine.

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Ad in Cinema Store


“Silverhide” in shops

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“Silverhide” advert in Darkside Magazine                                                   REVIEW

DS Advert 1              Silverhide Review

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