Sniper Corpse

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2019 | Colour | 82 min | 2.35.1 | Rated 18

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Dangerous military missions, deep behind enemy lines are being carried out by an elite and unstoppable force of dark and mysterious soldiers.
A young woman, Diane Keeley is searching for the body of her husband, who was killed in action. His along with many other dead soldier bodies has disappeared from a military morgue.Her search gets her caught up in a dark web of Top Secret military experiments where dead soldiers are being re-animated but also that they are starting to remember who they are and realising that they are in fact dead and that they should be buried, but not without getting their revenge first!
“Sniper Corpse” is a gory, action packed battle royale of horror and suspense along the lines of “Robocop” with gruesome action sequences and gory special effects.

Written and Directed by Keith R Robinson


Eleri Jones                                    Kit Smith                                    Jordan Murphy                            Tony Ecles

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