Pounce – The Black Silver Moon Edition

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2021 | Black & White | 78 min | 2.35.1 | Rated 18

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“POUNCE” was shot in colour, but to give it a more Gothic/ older horror feel it was turned black and white and given a 1990’s 16mm indie film print look.  The result is a film which is much more richer in texture, darker, more eerie and more scary. The silver moon now really does stand out better against the black moors and the film is more moody and dark with black shadows lurking everywhere in the background.
It is director Keith R Robinson’s preferred version of this film.
“Pounce – The Black and Silver Moon Edition” is a darker and more underground/arty version of the film, along the lines of early David Lynch.

Written and Directed by Keith R Robinson

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Kelly Wines                         John Hoye                      Lucy Clarvis                       Sean Hayes

Kelly 1 BW  John 1 BW Laura scared 002 BW Lewis 2 BW



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